ENR Top 25 Mechanical Contractor Vice President of Preconstruction

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Location: Western U.S.

Company Profile

During the past 10 years our client has completed $1.25 Billion in revenue.  This large volume of work has enabled us to build a great team of skilled trade labor and professional staff.  We believe our 57 years of experience, relationships, and commitment to customer satisfaction will be of great value to the overall success of any project.  Having four office locations in Hawaii, one in Guam, and employing over 625 local staff and skilled tradesman allows us to perform at a high level and sets us apart from the competition.

Our client is a family-oriented company that supports a culture that genuinely cares about its employees, customers and the community.  Our Founder insisted, “The community supports us, so we need to support the community.” Likewise, our second-generation leader, has continued this tradition of community spirit.   Over the years, the Company and the Family Charities have donated millions of dollars to a wide range of nonprofit and community organizations, including the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, University of Hawaii, Hospice, Kapolei Hospital, Child and Family Services and hundreds of other worthy organizations that benefit local communities.

The company’s priority has always been its employees, followed closely by customers and then community and family. we are very proud of the fact that we have many employees who are with us for their entire careers, many of whom are following in the footsteps of parents and even grandparents who also worked for us.  Our leadership style is based on teamwork and serving the employees.   

Safety plays a paramount role in the culture and business concerns of the Company.  “Goal Zero” is a relentless and ongoing effort to prevent accidents, injuries and eliminate lost time.  A best in class safety program is maintained, supported and embraced by all levels within the organization.  The keys to its success are buy-in, training and leadership. Bottom line — everyone should return home each day injury free.

Quality of work, on time and on budget project delivery is a matter of pride and reputation shared by the entire team.  Hard work and integrity are the core values that were instilled by our founder beginning in 1961.  He spoke often about the value of a firm handshake and standing behind what you build.  Those same values are evident in the company culture and to this day are still the drivers of the company’s enduring success.  We understand that past performance has shaped our reputation, but it is the current and future performance that continuously keeps us striving to perform at an exceptional level. 

Position Profile

Our client is seeking a Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Estimating to strengthen and expand our current level of market share of traditional construction throughout the state of Hawaii and the greater Guam region. Additionally, this position will play a key role in establishing recurring and sustainable revenues in markets such as Service, Special Projects and Energy Services work where gross margins are greater than normally found in new construction. This is absolutely a key position within the company that works closely with the President and Executive VP.  In addition to business development, this position manages the Estimating team, performs conceptual and design-build estimating and plays a key role in preconstruction services.  In addition to the Estimating staff, this position has direct oversight of the entire Engineering and Preconstruction staff of our Design Build Division.

The ideal candidate shall have a proven track record in successfully marketing for a similar full-range mechanical contracting business with an annual volume of $100 – $200 million or greater.  The individual needs to be experienced in conceptual budgeting for high-rise residential, major resort types of mechanical installations and the wide range of projects the company regularly performs.  They need to have proven experience in managing a large Estimating team and have exceptional leadership skills. Resonating with customer requirements must be a high priority along with building long-term relationships based on respect and trust. The ideal candidate needs to embrace the firm’s operating philosophy and culture, along with the unique culture of the Hawaiian Islands.  The position is based in Maui (or perhaps Honolulu) requiring substantial time commitment and frequent Inter-Island travel as well as some travel throughout the Pacific Region. Expertise in Plumbing, Mechanical, Sheet Metal, Fire Protection and Controls are required. The candidate should have exceptional negotiating skills and willingness to embrace a “roll up the sleeves” mentality to address and resolve business issues and inspire their team to do the same. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice President

Manage the entire company Estimating department to ensure efficiency, quality, accuracy and cost-effective management of resources and processes. Implement best practices to enhance the department’s efforts to ensure bids and proposals are correct and profitable.

 Plumbing and Pipe Trades
Duct Work
Fire Protection
Controls and limited Electrical
Special Projects

  • Manages the Director of Design Build Division and working closely with the D/B team to maximize opportunities in this sector of the market that has been identified as having growth potential.
  • Participates in company management and strategic meetings.
  • Conducts weekly Estimating meetings.
  • Conducts bid closings with executive level personnel.
  • Has well thought out bid day strategies to provide the best opportunity for success and good follow-up to make the sale.
  • Evaluate Engineering and Estimating staff and ensure a high-performance culture focused on accountability and passion to constantly improve.
  • Recruits and develops talent for a smooth transition to fill vacancies and to facilitate succession planning.
  • Develop and chair kick-off/turn-over meetings moving the project from Estimating to Operations including project budgeting based upon the estimate.
  • Participate in post project review meeting and collects feedback from Operations and Accounting to reconcile estimated costs vs actual costs.
  • Track sales and forecasts future sales by island and type of installation.
  • Development of annual marketing plan covering budgeted expenses, specific targets and implementation of same.  Reports monthly on progress and results.  Plan to include a wide range of customers to sustain the long-term success of company. Focus on repeat customers knowing that they are essential for a long-term outlook.
  • As part of the plan, develop and implement strategies for entering new markets and capturing business with new customers. Analyze market size, growth, attractiveness, trends, etc.   
  • Establish customer relationships that are based on delivering the highest level of service, trust and responsiveness.
  • Must be result orientated and a problem solver.


First-year Mandate

  • Day one mandate is to understand the culture of our company
  • Dives headfirst into understanding our estimating practices, process and conceptual budgeting.
  • Promptly establishes relationships both externally and internally.
  • Cultivate key players by providing superior service.
  • Sustain a focus on serving the customer while improving the bottom line.
  • Assess the human capital needs of the Estimating and Engineering departments and create a plan to drive improvement through training and improved performance management.
  • Craft a strategic plan that increases the company market share.

Personal Characteristics

  • Strong ability to step back and look at the bigger picture, but also focus in on goal specific issues.
  • Hands on, roll up the sleeves mentality with solid background in conceptual budgets for a broad range of project types.
  • Strong sense of urgency as it relates to meeting the customer’s budget requirements and deadlines.
  • Honest and trustworthy with an impeccable record of integrity. Must role model the behaviors that are desired throughout the Company. 
  • Customer focused and customer comfortable.  Passion to meet with customers and absorb and articulate customer needs, challenges and business goals.
  • A person of vision and realistic optimism. Someone who can balance the need to deliver short term results while setting a foundation for long term sustainable growth.
  • Be a leader who is team orientated and collaborative. It is essential to earn a high level of respect based on performance, team attitude and results.
  • Has a passion for developing talent.

Education and Qualifications

  • BS or BA degree preferred (Business or Engineering preferred).  May accept experience with a solid track record in lieu of degree.
  • 15 plus years’ experience in plumbing and mechanical contracting (5+ years in conceptual budgeting for plumbing and mechanical systems) with 5+ years of leadership experience in that role.
  • Business development experience with both large and small construction customers including general contractors, construction managers, architectural & engineering firms and major developers.
  • Experience managing multiple discipline estimators and engineers.
  • Strong construction management knowledge.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong analytical skills with experience evaluating mechanical estimates performed by others.
  • Strong negotiation skills and executive presence with key accounts, management and industry leaders.
  • Membership in MCAA, DBIA and ASHRAE desired.
  • Possesses a sense of duty to the company for what is in the best interest of the company and its employees.
  • Prompt and responsive with measured urgency.


Competitive market-based compensation plan will include base salary, lucrative bonus and fringe benefits commensurate with the position.

For immediate consideration or to confidentially recommend someone please contact:

Jerry Adams
Adams Partners