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Every search is given the same attention to detail. Thorough planning and execution, regular progress reports, a single point-of-contact, candidate testing, and on-boarding support are standard for every project we embark on.

01 First Steps

We insist on meeting personally with all of our new clients. We listen and learn about their company, culture and requirements. We work with our clients to create a candidate profile and a compelling job description that will help attract the caliber of candidate our clients demand.

We then create a customized search plan targeting those companies and candidate prospects that will fill your needs and fit your culture. We start by creating a customized database or prospect/candidate list. We then merge this custom database with our established network of industry contacts. We’ve found this is the most efficient and thorough method to ensure we are able to reach over 90% of the potential prospects.

02 Candidate Development / Interviews

Jerry Adams, along with a research director and their team, will personally conduct your search. Jerry is the single point of contact and available 24/7 throughout the entire process. Weekly progress report phone calls will be scheduled. At all times we will keep you apprised of our progress and suggest strategy changes if we run into problems.

Passive and active candidates will be contacted through our proprietary database, our customized database, phone calls, voicemails, email and our personal network. This is the most time consuming phase of the search process. We sometimes need to reach out to prospects up to seven times before we are able to speak with them.

Following an extensive phone screening, we conduct personal interviews with all candidates showing promise. Candidates that are qualified, in your salary range, have talked with their families, are available to explore a new opportunity for the right reasons, and are sincerely interested are then short-listed and shared with our client. On average a shortlist is delivered to our client within six to eight weeks.

03 Acceptance / Onboarding

We work with the client and the candidates to schedule interviews and then provide important feedback and communication with all parties throughout the entire interview process.

We work with the client to ensure that all serious candidates are tested, referenced and thoroughly vetted to the client’s satisfaction.

We will provide accurate compensation information and assist with salary negotiations, counter offer avoidance, candidate acceptance and onboarding.

More About Our Process

Every client and every search is unique. Culture and candidate fit can make the difference between a successful hire and a disaster. Our search process, if executed properly, will greatly reduce the likelihood of a bad hire. Contact us to learn how our process can work for you.