Vice President of Human Resources

Mid Atlantic

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The Vice-President Human Resources will be responsible for leading the human resources department to ensure the company has the leaders and workforce it needs to meet its strategic goals, overseeing training and leadership development, benefits, compensation and employee relations, retention and recruitment for both the salaried and hourly workforce. This leader will work closely with all levels of management to ensure the company’s human resources programs, policies and practices are progressive, managed consistently, and meet the business needs of the organization.


Skills Required

Develop strategic relationships with the management team to ensure human resources is strategically aligned with the needs of the business. Lead and upgrade the existing human resources function including the development of: recruitment processes; talent management programs; on-boarding process; succession planning processes; training and development programs; and the evaluation of compensation and benefits programs. Work collaboratively with the senior leadership team, serving as a confidante and advisor. Advise and work closely with the management team to support changing business needs. Develop a plan with the field organization to determine human resources needs for hiring and developing the current workforce. Develop creative and innovative systems and practices to interview, select, orient, train, develop, motivate, reward and retain company employees.

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