Executive Vice President

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The Executive Vice President (EVP) will serve as a visionary leader, strategic driver and principal communicator and will play a key role in developing and implementing the organization’s business goals, strategies and tactics. The EVP will be a strong leader capable of engaging strategically with key owners, building robust relationships with owners and delivering operational excellence while working collaboratively with the executive leadership team to achieve companywide goals and objectives. As an executive change agent for the organization, the EVP must have outstanding management skills, demonstrated leadership and the ability to solve problems.


The key job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

– Communicate company strategy throughout the organization
– Provide advice, guidance, and direction to subordinate executives and managers toward their professional development
– Oversee the management of the Preconstruction, Business Development and Marketing departments and revenue generation
– Ensure General Managers/Vice Presidents have proper oversight and management of all projects in place
– Ensure the operations are achieving or exceeding desired financial results; if not, EVP will be required to dig in the matters and assist until it is corrected
– Sets goals, monitor work, and evaluate results to ensure that departmental and organizational objectives and operating requirements are met and are in line with the needs and mission of the organization
– Identify ways to maximize revenue
– Identify and lead new business opportunities
– Ensure highly productive relationships and partnerships for the benefit of the organization
– Initiate investigations and recommend and/or implement new projects and programs or new market entry regarding the future physical and financial growth, credibility, and stability of the organization
– Communicate and interact with a variety of personalities and cultivate professional working relationships with each
– Work alongside community leaders, executive leadership team, major donors/funders, government officials, etc.
– Responsible for continuously expanding and updating professional knowledge and honing skills and competencies to enhance individual and team innovation and productivity
– Participate in and nurture broad networks of alliances with others to exchanges knowledge and information about learning and change in support of change initiatives
– All other duties, tasks and / or projects as assigned


Minimum Requirements:

– Four year construction, engineering, technical or business administration degree strongly preferred. The equivalent plus extensive experience in the management of related construction segments beyond stated qualifications may be considered.
– Advanced knowledge of the construction industry as typically found with a progressive career of more than fifteen (15+) years of overall experience culminating in a recent position in a construction senior operations management or executive role.
– Possess a mastery of the construction industry within their branch geography through extensive experience working numerous years within the same.
– Must be able to provide a proven track record of meeting and exceeding financial and business goals and objectives for multi-location, 500MM construction operation.
– Effective in the management of financial operations, business development, marketing, pre-construction and employee relations.
– Excellent organizational, leadership, communication, and analytical skills.
– Entrepreneurial-minded self-starter with a proven history of winning and growing business and managing and developing staff.


Skills and Abilities:

In addition to education and previous experience, there are several skills and personal attributes required for this position such as ethical and honest business acumen, action oriented and driving for results, quality and timely decision making skills, can prioritize and excel at time management and maintain a “big picture” strategic view. The EVP should be able to motivate others, confront others when needed, manage and measure performance as well as delegate. The EVP should also be good at solving problems, can translate policies into daily routine operations and be self-assured, have excellent written and presentation skills and is confident and goal-oriented.

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